Why poetry?

I was given an assignment for my Curriculum & Methods class to write a 150-300 word piece to convince my reader that poetry can express things that no other creative medium can. Here’s what I came up with.

I could have painted you a bleary watercolor,
given you a amateur-dubbed tape,
written you a novel of a letter

about how I miss you—
now that you’re dead
and will never hear the last things I had to say
now that you’ve left me
and don’t care to hear.

I could have sang off-key from a screeching mic,
danced too fast as my arms jiggled,
screamed, a madwoman, from the rooftop

about how I love you—
now that we’re finally together
you’re probably embarrassed and wondering why
now that you’ve been born
I’ve become my rowdy mother.

I could have home-run-swung at your windows,
Jack-the-Rippered your tires,
carved my name in your hood

about how I hate you—
now that I found your car in an interstate-diner parking lot
after you left us 5 years ago
now that I have seen you with her
through your steamy windows.

I could have written you a well-ordered paragraph,
included a clip-art graphic with a heart-felt plea,
or maybe some misattributed quote from Shakespeare

about how poetry moves us—
but now that you have felt
it’s clear that poetry is most necessary way to say
exactly what it is we all need to say


2 responses to “Why poetry?

  1. That is awesome a poem about why you should become a poet.

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