Upcoming: Eat, Pray, Love series

Buzz for the upcoming movie version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seller Eat, Pray, Love is starting to build, and I am beyond excited. I LOVE the book so much that I’ve read it three times (a record for me, the most I’ve read any other book is twice), and the movie version looks fantastic. You can check out the trailer below:

In anticipation of the movie coming out, I’ve decided to do a series of Eat, Pray, Love themed posts. Each will reflect on either eating/food/body image, prayer/spirituality, or love/romance/for all mankind/as a verb.

I am SWAMPED with schoolwork right now (who said grad school would be easy?), but as soon as I can bite off a little piece of time I will start this series. I’m really looking forward to it and hope you stop back by to check it out, or subscribe via email (there’s a link to do this on your right!) to see when I’ve published something new.


2 responses to “Upcoming: Eat, Pray, Love series

  1. Can’t wait! Might have to see the movie.

  2. Katy, I found your entry about this book very surprising. I tried to read this book on two separate occasions when it was first released but I just could not “get into it”. A friend had recommended it saying the pages were full of life wisdom. However, what I found was an incredibly narcissistic writer. I kept hoping that as she worked through her divorce that she would do some honest self examination and realize how self-absorbed she was and then she would begin to share some valuable wisdom. However, I felt she had simply regurgitated a lot of old, tired cliches simply in an effort to fill some pages and make a lot of bucks. She described herself as a very lucky person but she does not seem to be appreciative of this.

    I will admit that I gave up on this book before getting past the first 50 pages (both times). However, I greatly admire your taste in literature. Therefore, based on the fact that you loved this book enough to read it three times, tells me there must be something there that I am missing. So I’m thinking of giving the book one more chance. However, I think I will wait until I read a few more of your blog entries about the book before diving in. Therefore, I am looking forward to your future blog entries on this topic. Go ahead…convince me to read it again.

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