Squirrel cannibalism and other unexpected behavior

It was a beautiful Sunday morning at my parents’ house. The crisp October air made it a time for afghans, hot coffee, and a good book (A Walk in the Woods, which is fantastic). Dad had gone off with his friend Dave early in the morning to check out hunting land, and I was going to wait about an hour to wake Mom up to go piddling around town. I was looking forward to enjoying some quiet time at home looking out at the beautiful woods surrounding our house while I read my book and sip my coffee. Sounds great, right? Well, it was until I opened my blinds.

What did I see, you ask? Well, my favorites around-the-house squirrel, No Tail (a lady squirrel with, you guessed it, no tail) was eating . . .


WTF, you may ask? Well, as it turns out sometimes squirrels eat each other. How disturbing! (Here’s another blog post about it.)

Even though it is recognized behavior, I still find it incredibly disturbing.

Similar to my recognition of disturbing squirrel behavior, this week a seventh grader has been behaving really strangely towards me. She’s been giving me the silent treatment for days and I’m not sure why. I didn’t do anything to make her mad at me, she’s just behaving strangely.

Much like cannibal squirrels, this behavior is recorded among seventh grade girls, but I still find it incredibly odd.


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