Regaining balance

I’m having such a hard time getting back in the swing of blogging. Last week was so much fun and a little bit of a break for me, and I enjoyed it. But I did get a little off balance.

I’m not going to whine about how hard the life of a grad student is, because there are an infinite number of harder lives to live. Hard or not, it definitely is a balancing act. Learning to be an adult (which I’ve learned is really different from the pseudo-adult existence of a college student) is not as easy as I had expected it would be. I have many things to do every day and have to learn how to balance what needs to get done with what will actually get done.

I also easily forget that certain things in my life absolutely cannot be pushed to the side, regardless of how busy I am. For me, these things are quiet time alone, regular exercise, Bible study, and journaling. This handful of activities may not seem like much, but they are what keep me focused on what’s most important to me. These habits are what maintain my inner balance.

As I get back on the ball, I will get back to blogging on the regular as well (this post is a step in the right direction!). Thank you to anyone and everyone who reads Electric Spiel. Although I don’t get very many comments, I can see how many people visit each day and it means a lot to me that anyone would want to read what I have to say. Thank you thank you thank you. You, even if I don’t know you, are part of what drives me to keep writing.


One response to “Regaining balance

  1. Life’s balancing act is tough at times, but you are handling it well and will continue to do so.

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