Well, it was bound to happen.

As Mr. Shuester pointed out on last night’s Glee, being a high school teacher leaves you exposed to all kinds of germs. Art imitated life last night as I was sprawled out on my couch in despair, surrounded by tissues, watching Mr. Shue feeling the same way.

I have suffered through and survived my first teacher sickness: an upper respiratory infection. I went to school sick on Monday, made it through a whole day, including an hour and 1/2 stuffily talking to ninth graders I had just met for the first time about poetry. I then powered through a night class before coming home to pass out in bed. I bought a Dayquil/Nyquil combo pack from Walgreens after school, sure that that would cure me.

I was proven wrong when I awoke Tuesday morning to a small fever, feeling like death warmed over.

I stayed home yesterday and today. I finally broke down and went to the Student Health Center this morning, where they diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection and gave me medicine.

Tonight I have found the will to live, thanks to two days of resting in bed, medicine that works, and lots of juice.

I watched a couple of movies while I was in bed, including Nursery University, a 2008 documentary about NYC parents trying to get their toddlers into the city’s best preschools, and Lolita, Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 adaptation of Nabakov’s novel, with the screenplay also written by Nabakov. Both of these movies were simultaneously interesting and a little off-putting.

I made it through an entire semester without getting sick until the very end, and the sickness was short-lived, so that’s a blessing. Hopefully I’m building up my teacher immune system!


One response to “Well, it was bound to happen.

  1. I guess those immune systems have to start somewhere, huh!

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