The vacation of all vacations

Electric Spiel has gotten a lot more traffic than usual over the past few days, mainly because of an inexplicable surge in interest about Paul McCartney and squirrel cannibalism and the use of search engines to explore those interests. I feel bad because I have not really been blogging much lately. I would say I have been busy, but not in the conventional sense of the word.

I have been busy with vacation.

Watching television, napping, reading (The Poisonwood Bible is excellent, I can tell you already. I’m on page 278 of 543, so I have a little while to go before I finish and review it, but if you’re looking for a book to read, I can already confidently give it a high recommendation), cuddling with my two cats (Sassy and Pepper) and dog (Gracie) that live at my parents’ house, enjoying my newly clean room at home, and of course spending time with family and eating plenty of good food!

This break is welcome and I’m soaking it up for all its worth. Thursday-Monday I’ll be traveling to various cities from Tennessee to South Carolina and here in good-old Georgia visiting friends and working on the job hunt for next year.


One response to “The vacation of all vacations

  1. I am so glad to see that you are reading Poisonwood. When I first tried to read it I put it down because it seemed to laborious for me. But my daughter encouraged me to plod through the beginning. I did and I loved it. I can’t remember the names of the four daughters but I remember that one was horribly treated by her parents, especially her father. But in the end, she holds all the cards and she “wins” in just a few short sentences. I cheered for her. And as the book ended, I felt very satisfied and pleased with the ending.

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