Snow Day in Georgia

In Georgia, we do not take very kindly to winter weather. None of us own snow tires, our DOT is ill-equipped, and if it snows once a year, it’s a big deal.

Well this year, it has snowed TWICE so far, both times in the past month! The first time it snowed, it was a beautiful powder but safe to drive. Now, it’s a gross slush (it didn’t even snow where I live, just sleeted) that is refusing to melt because of the temperatures.

Pretty much all schools in the northern half of Georgia were closed today and will be again tomorrow.

So what am I doing with my two extra days of vacation? Well, I had one homework assignment (to read pages 1-119 in Nickel and Dimed) that I wrapped up tonight. Other than that, my schedule has included:
-watch Disc 1 Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother

-finish watching Season 3 & begin watching Season 4 of Weeds


This blizzard is really interfering with my healthy lifestyle New Year’s Resolution.


2 responses to “Snow Day in Georgia

  1. I’m ready for summer!

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