All Roads Lead to Rome, II

This is from yesterday. Who knew squirrels would lead so many people here?

Search Views
squirrels 80
squirrel 11
a walk in the woods 2
song #52 whitman 1
decide what to be, and go be it 1
just as i brought you in i will bring you out scripture 1
fantastic mr. fox poem 1
squireel 1
squirrel in love 1
Total views referred by search engines 99

2 responses to “All Roads Lead to Rome, II

  1. That is HILARIOUS! Little did “no tail” know that she would be so popular…sucks for her!

  2. This is strange. I would have thought your poetry and music postings would have brought in a lot more traffic than a squirrel. But your little squirrel story is so touching. Keep up the good work, Katy.

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