I love teaching!

I started student teaching full-time Monday, and even though I am EXHAUSTED, I LOVE what I’m doing to the point of being obsessed. I am teaching 4 50-minute periods of 10th grade English and 1 50-minute period of 11th grade AP Language. It’s going to be a couple weeks before I take over and start teaching: right now I’m just helping with things like calling roll, checking homework, and I’m working on learning my students’ names and building relationships with them. My students are amazing! They are so funny and kind. I am so blessed to get to spend every day for the next 10 weeks (well, now 9 1/2 weeks) with students who are happy, funny, and respectful.


2 responses to “I love teaching!

  1. I am so very proud of you and can’t wait to see the wonderful things you do throughout your career!

  2. fabulous, I used to teach, it is promising profession..
    keep it up…

    invite you to join poets rally.
    visit me for details.

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