I’m not a good blogger.

I haven’t been a very good blogger this semester. I’ve been so busy with student teaching and the rest of my life that this blog has fallen by the wayside. The only thing I feel like I can offer the blogosphere right now is random fragments from my life.

One of the things I love most about teaching high school is how hilarious my students are. A few excerpts…

  • “Do you read books? Like, real books?”
  • “Is Transformers a fairy tale?”
  • “In fairy tales, the popular guy stays popular. For example, I was born handsome and was popular in kindergarten. Now, I’m even better looking and I’m still popular.”
  • “Is Shakespeare kind of like Tyler Perry?”
  • “Why were there lions in Rome?”
  • “Is Rome still a country?”
  • “Have you ever seen a wild hog? What about a domestic hog? … I have a 200 pounder we can put you in a pen with and he’ll just walk up to you and sniff you.”

One response to “I’m not a good blogger.

  1. When I student taught, I joined the FB group “I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth; I’m student teaching.” After five grueling months of hard work, I pulled myself out of the rock I had been hiding under and caught up on life. It does get easier, eventually.

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