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“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”

I am far from being a crusader for keeping Christ in Christmas. It’s not that I’m not a Christian, it’s because I have so many friends who are near and dear to my heart who aren’t Christians and celebrate Christmas for different reasons. None of them are evil Grinches who are trying to rain on my parade. Rather, they are beautiful, kind individuals of different faiths (or non-faiths) who celebrate family, generosity, and a spirit of fun at Christmastime. I respect that because I love them and the Christmas they celebrate is very much like the Christmas I celebrate as a Christian.

As a Christian, though, my Christmas does have a major component that is very important to me. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ, someone I look to as God incarnate, a Savior, a teacher, and a role model.

Even though I’m not the evangelical crusader brand of Christian, it is so important that I remember the main reason that I celebrate Christmas, the birth of Christ, rather than getting distracted by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Charlie Brown Christmas came on TV a couple nights ago, and if there’s anything that captures more perfectly how I feel about Christmas, I don’t know what it is!

“All I Want for Christmas Is You,” the Love Actually version

Deck the Halls

Last night, my mom and I decorated our Christmas tree. It’s a tradition that our Christmas decorations come out right after Thanksgiving.

Our decorations have been collected over the years and are favorites because of their sentimental value. But everyone may not have a collection like ours… in fact, when I get ready to decorate my first on-my-own apartment next year, I will have to start building my own collection of Christmas decorations.

Here are a few things I adore that I will likely start my own decorating tradition with next year. They’re all from Target, so you can either buy them in-store or online for reasonable prices. Target is one of my favorite stores.

I’ve never had a real tree and, although many people disagree with me, I think artificial trees are just great. We got a new tree this year that is pre-lit, and loved it! Not having to deal with lights made decorating a lot more fun.

I like the folksy stitching on this tree skirt.

I like trees that don’t look overloaded with ornaments, so I’d keep it simple with this assortment of gold balls.

This serving tray . . .

. . . would make a gorgeous centerpiece with a few of these pillar candles on top . . .

Finally, I love the rustic look of this wreath.

Happy decorating!