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Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   I feel happy when I’m cuddling with my dog, Gracie, and my cat, Sassy . . . when I’m laughing with friends . . . I’m in the sun in the springtime.
2.  I get silly when it’s late at night and I stay up past the point of tiredness. My mom calls it “roosting,” like birds do before they go to sleep.
3.  Something that makes me sad is stories of child abuse and neglect.
4.  Something that makes me annoyed is when the overhead light in my kitchen goes out in the morning while I fix cereal and I have a feeling it won’t get fixed anytime soon . . . true life.
5.  A time that I’ve been truly surprised was. . . I’m continually surprised at how when I think plans fall through and am disappointed, in time it was always for the best. God’s plans are amazing!
6.  I am so thankful for my friends and family. I really am surrounded by some of the world’s most loving, generous, and entertaining people.

7. I feel loved when I’m playing with dogs. Don’t judge my single-girl answer– at least I didn’t bring up my cat! Ha!

Fill in the Blank Friday

Play along over at the little things we do!

1.   Winter is holidays, getting cozy, nostalgia, and delicious food.
2.  Summer is frolicking, fun, light-hearted, and when the living is easy.
3.  If it were summer instead of winter right now I’d have a cute pedicure instead of navy house slipper boots, be trying to decide which sundress to wear tomorrow, and be sitting outside enjoying a cold beer or a Sonic Route 44 lemon-berry slushie.
4.  My favorite thing to do in winter is curl up in bed and hit the snooze for at least an hour on the weekends.
5.  My favorite thing to do in summer is sunbathe at the beach.
6.  The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is a colorful sundress, t-strap sandals, and sunglasses.

7. The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is sweatpants, fleece pullover, and thick socks… in bed… I hate getting out of bed/getting dressed in the winter.

Fill in the Blank Friday

Fill in the Blank Friday is a weekly feature on the little things we do, another blog I adore. She invites people to participate, and this is my first go at it!

1. Giving is better than receiving. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.

2. Receiving is pretty nice too! For one thing, new stuff is great (don’t judge me), but it also means a lot to know that the giver cares enough about you to give.

3. The best gift I ever received was a bracelet my parents gave me for graduating from college. Not only is it gorgeous, but my mom has one just like it. It makes me feel special, like the bracelets are a “thing” we have together.

4. The best gift I ever gave was any and all crocheted items I’ve given people (blankets, handtowels, scarves). I started crocheting last year on a whim, but learned to really enjoy it. Giving items I’ve handmade means a lot to me (and hopefully to the receivers too) because they take so much time and care to make.

5. Something intangible that I wish I could receive is the ability to sing well. I LOVE singing, but I am usually pretty off-key. I try to only really belt it out when no one’s there to hear me.

6. Something intangible that I wish I could give is inner peace. I wish I could give the people I care about the peace to carry them through all of life’s storms.

7. The one gift I always wanted as a child, but never got was to be honest, I don’t remember! I don’t consider myself to be a spoiled child, but I did have a ton of toys. I can’t recall anything that I really wanted and didn’t get.